Challenges of Cyber Threat to National Security

  • R. Sudhakar
Keywords: Cyber Security, Digitalized Battle Field, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Defence, Revolution in Military Affairs


The digital future in present scenario is truly a realistic prospect for any nation. In present digitized battlefield, where network infrastructure plays a major role as part of conventional weaponry, the most dangerous weapon on the earth could be the unassuming personnel computers. The threat of cyber attack, terrorism, or indeed cyber warfare, is an intangible concept, covering everything from a simple individual hacking into restricted databases up to sophisticated malwares capable of crippling national critical information infrastructure on a colossal scale. India’s hopeful economic growth is due to globalization and the ability to reliably connect to the rest of the world via cyber and Information Technology System. Indian armed forces are undoubtedly a major target for adversaries that include state and non-state actors. Hence, there is a need to evolve an appropriate strategy by military intelligence system and civil agencies in a synergic effort to protect valuable information being destroyed or reaching the hands of enemies. Therefore there is a need to implement comprehensive defensive measures in the field of information security in armed forces and other crucial sectors in the country. There is also a need to layout comprehensive cyber warfare capability within the Indian Armed Forces that could be used during the peacetime and most importantly in conflict situation. In this context, the important components would be Cyber Warfare Strategy, Cyber Warfare Intelligence, Cyber Warfare Offensive and Defensive Capabilities.


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