Indian Education Services (IESs) : Dire Need of the Hour

  • Abhishek Kumar Prajapati Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar
Keywords: Indian Education Services, IESs


The ultimate aim of education is all round development of individual. The process of education includes instructions, guidance, trimming and training. It polishes and decorates the  personality of a person. In India, a large number of formal and non-formal institutions are participated in this process. Scholars, policy makers and practitioners in education unanimously agree that there is a dire need for effective and efficient management of educational institutions. Through makeshift mechanism, a large number of the educational institutions and organization in India are running since independence. However, India is considering third largest country in reference to education sector. Effective management and administration of educational institutions become a necessity for achieving national goals of education. India is demanding efficient, experienced and effective education officers who intend and develop the education institutions as per the nation aspiration. A number of studies show that planning, management and administration for maintaining educational standards at both institutional and national level have been unsatisfactory. Seeing the need of strong management of schools and higher education institutions, there is a dire need of Indian Education Services (IESs). The investigator tries to suggest a model of Indian Education Services (IESs) for India’s education sector.


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