Examining the Strategies to Inculcate the Spirit of Peaceful Co-Existence in Educational Institutions

  • Shalini Yadava School of Education GGSIP University New Delhi


It is a well established fact that for teaching- learning to take place effectively and efficiently the environment in educational institutions needs to be congenial and joyful.For the environment to be enriched it is important that creativity finds it's feet.And for Creativity to fluorish peaceful co-existence is a pre-requisite.Creativity of individuals finds expression in an environment that is free from fear,threats and compulsions.Now the question is how do we create this democratic environment in an educational setting?For fostering an environment where there is trust,love,care for each other,self discipline and cordiality there are a number of curricular interventions to begin with.These interventions must be introduced within the classroom and outside in order to ensure peaceful existence of all members.This simply means equipping the school community with the knowledge,attitudes and life skills such that they master the art to co-exist peacefully for it to be a mutually rewarding experience for all.This paper is thus an attempt to look at the vast array of curricular interventions which may be used to equip the students and teachers to co-exist peacefully in an educational institution.