Formulation and Development of Value Added Biscuits Using Oats

  • Venipriyadharshini L. Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Periyar University, Salem,
Keywords: Formulation – Development – Standardization – Nutrient Analysis – Shelf Life – Microbial Analysis


Oat and oat based product as a part of a non communicable disease management which includes cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension and regulation blood glucose level etc., may contributes healthy living. The experiment was carried out to develop a value added biscuit using oats. The biscuit was formulated by using selected raw materials. Development of variation by altering the percentage of the major ingredients was done. The oat biscuit was incorporated with wheat germ powder and whole wheat flour to add value to the oat biscuit. The oat biscuit was standardized by using sensory evaluation. Nutrient analysis was carried out to the selected oat biscuit and it was compared with computed nutritive value of oats biscuit. The evaluated oat biscuit was kept for shelf life with various packaging materials like sterilized glass bottle, container coated with aluminium foil, polypropylene and plastic container in both room and refrigeration temperature. Microbial analysis was done to determine the number of microorganisms present in food products and to determine the presence of yeast and mold in the selected food products. The developed oat biscuit was good in its acceptability. It has its improved fibre content. The rate of shelf life was high with the sample which stored in a container coated with aluminium foil.


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