A study on academic achievement in chemistry in relation to attitude towards science and scientific creativity of higher secondary school pupils of Kannur District.

  • Prathibha K. UGC – SRF , School of Pedagogical Sciences, Kannur University
  • P. Kelu Former Head & Dean, Department of Teacher Education, University of Calicut
Keywords: academic achievement in chemistry, relation to attitude towards science and scientific creativity, higher secondary school, Kannur District


           Education is the process of modification of children’s behavior through teaching-learning processes from the school. Science education is the most important factor which brings drastic changes in the life style of individuals. Science is now recognized as a compulsory subject in schools. Chemical science, a part of science having vast opportunities in various areas of life and achievement in chemistry is one of the crucial factors which can predict a student’s success in science related areas. Many studies showed that achievement in chemistry is affected by so many factors like science interest, attitude, aptitude, intelligence, creativity, etc. In the present study, for finding out the relationship with achievement in chemistry, the investigator selected two correlates VIZ scientific creativity and attitude towards science. For collecting data, the investigator has developed three tools namely a test of scientific creativity, scale of attitude towards science and a test for measuring achievement in chemistry. Percentage calculation and correlation analysis were used as the statistical techniques. Result of the study indicates that attitude towards science as well as  scientific creativity have a positive correlation with achievement in chemistry.


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