Global ethics to Environmental Ethics: A Philosophical Reflection

  • Karuna Kanta Barman Research Scholar, Department of Philosophy, University of Raiganj University
Keywords: global ethics, environmental ethics, deontology, consequential ethics, ecosystem, biotic, a biotic, intrinsic value.


The main strategy of this paper is to explain and exemplify a philosophical and ethical transition from global ethics to environmental ethics. Traditional ethical systems, such as, deontological ethics, consequential ethics, are called global ethics because the moral implication of such theories are universalizable in nature. Kantian deontology does not accept any moral dilemma and moral exception from theoretical perspective. Even consequential ethical approach attempts to maximize the consequence of the moral action with the background of the moral principle ‘greatest good of the greatest numbers’. Environmental ethics talks in favor of the whole ecosystem. It incorporates both biotic as well as a biotic community within moral and ethical realm. It states that both biotic and a biotic communities have equal intrinsic or inherent value, not as a means to an end, but as an end in itself. This paper explores various aspects of ethical transformation from global to environmental.


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