International Cooperation for Search and Rescue in the Arctic Region: Challenges and Legalities

  • Tasawwur Husain Zaidi Assistant Professor (Contractual), Department of Geography, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi,
  • Javed Zafar Knowledge Architect, Centre for Study and Research (CSR), Hyderabad
Keywords: Search and Rescue, SAR, Search and Rescue in Arctic, Arctic Region, International Cooperation


Search and rescue is a collaborative act even at the national level. Cooperation and coordination among different agencies and organisations of the governments and the public cooperation is necessary for the success of this act. Though, Arctic is largely a barren and desolate area but many accidents and disaster have also been reported which were largely managed by individual countries. But, the region is changing now as it may be opened for navigation and exploration after few years only. The region is also experiencing increasing level of human interference and activates. These are likely to increase further in the future. All these developments indicate increasing level of risk in the region. Parts of this region are also contested by regional powers. In the absence of specific rules, regulation and terms of cooperation this contestation/competition may turn into conflict. There is also a history of cooperation among regional countries. Russia and Norway have been cooperating for SAR

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