Survey on RDBMS and NoSQL Databases

  • Basant Namdeo
  • Nitin Nagar
  • Vivek Shrivastava
Keywords: NoSQL, Relational Database, Data Model.


            Data is important in any information system. As the social networking sites are growing, and different types or say heterogeneous types of devices are participating in computer network (IoT), data is growing exponentially, and there is no fixed format of it. Earlier data is stored in RDBMS systems, which stores relational data, but now the size of data is big, and its format vary frequently, so there is need for new type of data model. NoSQL is an umbrella term used for group of databases, which stores data in flexible data model (non-relational way). In NoSQL, data is stored in distributed model and allows horizontal scalability. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook etc., which are processing petabytes of data daily, uses NoSQL databases for efficiently and promptly responding to user request. RDBMS gives the flexibility to store the in relational way, but there is need for fixed data format. Most of the NoSQL databases are open source and horizontal scalable. Main characteristics of NoSQL databases are schema-free design, non-relational, eventual consistent. In this paper, we are going to discuss main characteristics of RDBMS and NoSQL, comparison of RDBMS & NoSQL, and why there is need for switching from RDBMS to NoSQL.