Corruption in Russia: Tainted international image?

  • Chibenthung Yanthan Ph.D. Scholar, Centre for Russian and Central Asian Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi- 110067
Keywords: Corruption, Kleptocracy, YouTube, Power vertical


Constructing a positive image is imperative in international relations. In this respect, Russia’s efforts to portray itself as a country aversive to corruption have been overshadowed by the practices of corruption at the state level. The emergence of Vladimir Putin was welcomed with much enthusiasm by the Russians only to be left dry and disappointed. In fact, corruption became more rooted, to the extent analysts of Russian politics termed Putin’s government as Kleptocracy. This article attempts to analyze how a new form of corruption emerged under Putin and explore what challenges Alexey Navalny known for championing anti-corruption in Russia could possibly posit to Putin’s power since with the former’s rise in the political mainstream, he has managed to organize massive anti-corruption protests in Russia lately. Can Putin manage to maintain his powerful legacy; will the younger Russian generation led by Navalny manage to dent Putin’s image, thereby destabilize his regime?

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