Adjustment During Late Adolescence And Medium Of Instruction

  • Bhavana V. Assistant professor, PBMMEC and Research Scholar, Department of Social Work, JSS Research Foundation, University of Mysore, Mysuru
  • Kumudini Achchi Assistant professor and Research guide, Department of Social Work ,JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Ooty road, Mysuru
Keywords: adjustment, adolescence, medium of instruction


Adjustment is a satisfactory adaptation to the demands of day-to-day life and may be defined as a process by means of which the individual seeks to maintain psychological equilibrium and propel himself towards self enhancement. It is the outcome of the individual‘s attempt to deal with the stress and meet his needs: also his efforts to maintain harmonious relationships with the environment. Being a major concern in all developmental stages, it is of great relevance during adolescence; a period of many hormone based complex changes in the body and mind leading to emotional, physical and social maturation, so as to prepare the individual for functional independence in adult life. Adapting to the changes within themselves and to the changed expectations of the society is a major developmental task of the adolescence stage. Late adolescence and the period following, often referred to as emerging adulthood, have been noted as particularly important for setting the stage for continued development through the life span as individuals begin to make choices and engage in a variety of activities that are influential for the rest of their lives. At this age, they are exposed to a new system of education that is college set up. The present study focusses on the adjustment problems faced by the adolescent students due to change in medium of instruction and tries to explore their adjustment levels with respect to it. The study concludes highlighting intervention paradigm to deal with adolescent problems in social work point of view


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