Consumer Ethnocentrism an Enquiry Using Adapted Cetscale

  • P.M. Vishnu Assistant Professor On Contract, Aquinas College Edakochin
Keywords: Consumer Ethnocentrism, Cetscale


According to Shimp& Sharma (1987), consumer ethnocentrism focuses on the responsibility and morality of purchasing foreign – made products vs. consumers loyalty towards products made in their own country. For an ethnocentric consumer, importing products from other countries is not appropriate because it is not patriotic and is detrimental to the economy and domestic employment (Yagci, 2001: Supphellen&Gironhaug, 2003). The recent trends in the Indian market denote a serious growth of Indian made products. Swadeshi movement in the marketing arena calls for an assessment of consumers ethnocentric tendencies. The present study attempts to find the level of consumers ethnocentric and its association with brand preference. The extent of association between ethnocentrism and consumer decision making serves as a great tool to identify the prevailing trend in the market. This study focusing on measuring the level of consumer ethnocentrism and its relationship with socio economic variables.

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