Viewers’ Attitude towards Prominent and Subtle Product Placement

  • Somiya Mehrotra Research Scholar Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
  • Githa S. Heggde Director, IFIM B School, Bengaluru
Keywords: Viewers’ Attitude, Prominent and Subtle Product Placement


Many studies are focused on product placement because it is considered as a better way to advertise products. Viewers are not able to change channels and marketers have more target audience to cover at less cost. It is seen that consumer’s attitude towards traditional advertising is becoming negative. In product placement, viewer cannot avoid commercials and the exposure towards the product. Product placement is also considered good because it leads to good brand memory, product recall and attitude. Although, researchers are still working on the proper use of product placement like whether a plot connection is superior, prominent products are more visible or subtle brands are recalled faster. In this research paper, focus has been to study the acceptance of products shown through product placement by the viewers and the weightage of prominent placement as against subtle placement. This study combines an experimental and the questionnaire design survey method based on the convenience sampling in Bengaluru region.

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