Comparative Science Education and Teaching in India & West

  • R.S.S Nehru Post-Doctoral Fellow; National University of Vietnam- University of Education Faculty of Teacher Education, Hanoi, Vietnam & Assistant Professor, Department of Education; Sikkim University, Gangtok, Sikkim ; M: +91 94405-94179
Keywords: West and India Approaches, Science Teaching, Comparative Education & Philosophies.


The Methods and the concept of approaches to Science education & teaching have been derived from traditional and modern collective work on each other, for the production to the ultimate culture of science education to the mankind. Discuss on this discipline, there are various aspects that are not parallel with each other, whenever comparing these aspects within the understanding of science education itself, through the countries apart of this universe. This paper recognizes the methods and the customs of science teaching, which are from the western countries and India. The community modify in the growth of philosophies and science education make to know how regulations are contrasted to each other. Also look at the difference among foreign and Indian science teaching the approach of child involvement inside class programs, the process of instruction and learning, the follow-up of learning, the capacity of children for both philosophies, the encouragement for the students, and the bonding between the two. This paper finally has a review towards Western and Indian educators and also on the science teaching approaches of India from the views of Western along with the modifications and comments by the implementation of both opposite philosophies.

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