Understanding Socio-Cultural and Political Economy of Footwear Artisan from Medieval Period to Colonial Period

  • Surinder Verma PhD Research Scholar, Centre for the Study in Law and Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Keywords: Artisan, Footwear, Karkhana, Mughal, Labour.


Footwear is one of the important discoveries of mankind and it is an artisanal work which has given less importance over the years. In the light of less availability of material, Citing Elliot, Verse (2005) overviews that literature on footwear lacks historical and social context due to its low value (p. 89). Even the people who are engaged in footwear making particularly in India were not given importance and they often recognized as polluted and untouchables. In support of this statement Ilaiah (2009) pointed out that caste dominance had a negative inquisitive mind that looks Dalits’ footwear making business is a threat to their existence and dominance (p. 41). Even archaeological department does not give importance to footwear unlike other valuable historical artifacts (ibid, p. 89). Thus in the light of the above facts this research paper aim is to understand the socio-cultural and political aspect of footwear artisans from medieval period till pre-independence.

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