The role of top management in sustainable development through OD interventions

  • Arun S. Mokashi T.J.College, Khadki
Keywords: Sustainability, Organization development, Organization development interventions, Organizational effectiveness, Organizational change


The organizations today work in complex environment. The sustainability is a challenge organizations have and then it is an important strategic decision of the top management that initiates change for sustainability. The typical change management framework may help an organization for short term. But the long term sustainable development is possible through the proper implementation of Organization Development Interventions.

 Organizational sustainability is defined as “an organization’s ability to achieve its goals and increase long term stakeholder value by integrating economic, environmental and social opportunities into strategies.”(David Alman -2011- symposium on sustainability-profiles in leadership- NYC 2001). Organization Development Interventions are designed to focus on individual, team and organizational effectiveness and thus enabling an organization manage change in desired manner for surviving through competitive environment. The OD interventions are based on foundations and values of OD which makes it a unique option for implementing change for sustainable development.

The paper is about the role of top management for being responsible for strategic decision for sustainable development. It states objective like the need, the process and the important challenges considered by top management for sustainable development. The researcher has framed an instrument for the above mentioned objectives and has graphically represented the findings. The analysis represents the opinion of top management which enlights the need and organizational challenges for sustainable development. In the process organization is also concerned about innovative practices for sustainability.


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