The Scenario of Responsible Innovation as an Additive Technology in India

  • Nitesh Desai Doctoral Fellow, Centre for Studies in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, School of Social Sciences, Central University of Gujarat
Keywords: Responsible Innovation, Additive Technology, 3D printing, Manufacturing Sector, India


This paper considers the approach of responsible innovation as a case of additive technology. Responsible innovation (RI) is a newly emerging governance framework, promoted initially by public funders of research. With regard to the first set of literature, Fisher et al. (2015) highlight that RI could benefit from socio-technical integration, drawing on, for example, Human Practices, Toolbox Project approach (skill-based learning within local problem frames) and Socio-Technical Integration Research. In this context, the objectives the paper is to explain the trends on changes in sourcing & supply chain due to additive layer manufacturing in other industry sectors. It provides the technical, legal, financial and political implication assessment. It concludes the analysis of the impact of additive layer manufacturing technologies on economy. The method of the paper is quantitative analysis, it helps to understand the patterns of additive technology in terms of revenue generate and adaptation of technology. Findings of the paper: The Manufacturing thus plays an important role in employment generation and growth of the economy. In recent years, growth of the manufacturing sector in India has been subdued.


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