Reflection on Frege’s Anti-psychologism

  • Reshmee Sarkar Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Philosophy, University of North Bengal. P.O. - North Bengal University, Raja Rammohunpur, Dist.: Darjeeling, West Bengal, India - 734013.
Keywords: Psychologism, Begriffschrift, semantics, meaning, reason, logic, mathematics.


The main contention of this paper is to analyse and examine the anti-psychological position of Frege. Frege’s anti-psychological position deserves praiseworthy to set up the paradigm of semantics. Like many other semanticists, Frege was inclined towards logic and mathematical language. Frege reveals that without the foundation of logic and mathematics, semantic theory of meaning would be a far cry. While developing the foundation of semantics, Frege started with concept-note (Begriffschrift). Frege inclines to say that arithmetic and elementary logic are the two pillars on which semantic theory stands. As a result of that he took anti-psychological position to save the dignity of reason. Frege says that psychologism in general undermines reason. The strategy of this paper is to illuminate in what sense and how far Frege has been enabled to set aside anti-psychological stance to determine the problem of meaning in the realm of semantics


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