Role of Kashmiri women in Agriculture Development and Allied Fields

  • Firdoos Ahmad Ganie Department of History Jiwaji University Gwalior (M.P)
Keywords: Women Labour Utilization, Growth Rates, Cropping Intensity, Farm women and Agricultural production, Cropping Pattern, Female participation and Economic Demography, Educational Status, Land Utilization


The role of women in agriculture and allied activities in Kashmir are significant and positive by any standards. The earnings by farming women from agriculture and related activities are the major contributors towards annual income of families. The other income generating activities include hand knitting, embroidery and poultry searing carried out exclusively by women. The involvement of women in agriculture and allied activities is total as they are involved in almost all field and crop management operations right from field preparation of harvesting and storing of produce.

Women were found to have leading sole in decision making with respect to agricultural inputs like selection of varieties choice of crops, live stock raising and selling surplus produce. Women since time immemorial have formed an organic component of working force in India as well as in Kashmir. They work along with male members of household in different agricultural activities. Women’s role in agricultural operations is very significant; this involvement in agriculture is besides this usual obligation of discharging domestic work.

The studies have observed that the economic condition of the agricultural labour families is very poor and it is impossible from them to survive without the contribution made by these women towards the income of the family. The studies have pointed out that the women agricultural labourers apart from these house-hold duties contribute significantly to the income of these families.


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