Impact of Digitalisation on Employee’s Satisfaction

  • Vandana Soni Impact of Digitalisation on Employee’s Satisfaction
  • B.B. Pandey Assistant Professor Department of Management Studies Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Koni (Bilaspur)
Keywords: Bank, Bank employee, Behaviour, Digitalisation, Digital economy, Ease of working, Job Satisfaction and Risk.


To cope with the competition, bank must undergo various changes, digitalisation is one of them. The increasing use of technology has substantial effect on satisfaction of employee. This paper is a study on employee satisfaction due to digitalisation in the banking sectors. Also, the paper focus on importance of digitalisation due to digital era and adaptation of digital technology in all sectors. Data is collected by both Primary and Secondary data collection mode. Correlation and regression is used for data analysis. To study the satisfaction of employee from digitalisation of bank factor i.e. ease of working, risk mitigates of digitalisation and behaviour aspects of digitalised bank is considered. The correlation analysis suggests positive and significant correlation exist with employee satisfaction with ease of doing work due to digital technology and employee satisfaction with employee behaviour aspect due to digital era while absence of correlation of employee satisfaction with risk mitigates of digitalisation. The estimated regression analyses identify significant impact of behaviour aspects of digitalised bank on employee satisfaction while ease of working and risk mitigates are not significant with employee satisfaction.


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