Design and analysis of an automotive aerodynamic device by using computational fluid dynamics

  • Shubham Likhar Rajiv Gandhi Proudyigiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal (M.P.)
  • Siddharth Shastri Jain Engineering Department, MITM, M.P., India, 453331.
  • Shubham Kaithwas Student, Mechanical Engineering Department, MITM, M.P., India, 453331.
  • Tanmay Nagar Student, Mechanical Engineering Department, MITM, M.P., India, 453331.
  • Irfan Khan Student, Mechanical Engineering Department, MITM, M.P., India, 453331.
Keywords: spoiler, airfoil, coefficient of lift, coefficient of drag,


An automotive Aerodynamic device i.e. Spoiler is used to create turbulence in the flow of air in order to reduce the pressure difference at the rear of the vehicle due to which reduction is observed in drag force. Also, the shape of spoiler may be optimized as such that the downforce may be maximized or the lift force would be minimized. In the present work a comparative analysis is done by changing the shape of the device. Further the aerodynamic analysis is performed using ANSYS FLUENT software. The model of an LMV and the device were made using modelling software CATIA. The spoiler is tested against the same conditions and hence an optimal solution is obtained.


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