Brahmanical Intellectual Tradition: Making of Medieval Mithila

  • Pritam Kumar Gupta PhD Research Scholar Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, (India)
Keywords: Mithila, Intellectual, Literature, Brahmin, Hindu-law, Culture, Navya-Nyaya philosophy.


The objective of this paper is to study historical studies of a particular region of the medieval period, which makes its identity based on its intellectual characteristics. In addition, it is to study the prevailing beliefs that how the Mithila Brahmins and scholars have established their distinctive identity among those social groups. In the process of creating this distinctive identity, how social norms have been determined on contemporary society and social beliefs on the basis of Dharmaśāstras. In the contemporary Mithila society, they tried to establish a balance between the many challenges at the political and cultural level for the validity of their identity and dominance which are reflected in the works of contemporary scholars and other intellectual sections. It is also important for the study that what was the approach of state and administration in the process of creation of this identity under which contemporary Mathil scholars or Brahmins controlled the social orders on the basis of their sacred texts. Through the study of these literatures, the process of the legitimation of the Brahminical social hierarchy and regulating the daily life in the contemporary Maithil social system and the scientific analysis of the ideal state and administration formulation is also necessary.

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